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Haven’t updated in a while…

August 30th, 2015

So, it’s been a while since I wrote to this blog. Oooh cobwebs…!

In the last update, there was a big release date for Armikrog – that got pushed back to the 8th 30th of September – so…hopefully, I won’t have to put another strike-through the date and change it (I spoke too soon lol) – but I think it should be coming out very soon – exciting! :)

This might appall some people, but I haven’t been paying any attention to the Armikrog private forum, or articles – I just re-tweet them, because I kinda just want to play it and see it without any expectations or spoilers. I have a strong feeling it’s going to be really good though.
So that’s why I haven’t gone into much depth about it. I don’t get paid or sponsored to do this site – nobody tells me I have to update it. This is a labour of love…so I don’t do press stuff very well.

There’s also another new game being developed by Nick Bruty (Earthworm Jim, MDK, Giants Citizen Kabuto etc.) and Richard Sun from their Rouge Rocket development studio. It’s called First Wonder and they’re going to be crowd funding that soon. Currently they have been showing it at Pax.

It looks like you can jump around as a giant, and also play as space marines with jet packs – pretty cool actually. It has a very distinctive heavy, but dream-like psychedelic art style to it. That’s what was lovely about Nick Bruty’s style in MDK and Earthworm Jim levels like “For Pete’s Sake” and “Big Bruty”, where you get these crazy colours, but there’s also a pulp sci-fi art look to it. I think judging from the play test demo they’ve made, it’s going to be very interesting, and is really worth keeping an eye on.

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