About Rocket Worm

Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim is a character created by Doug TenNapel.

Earthworm Jim found it's first ever origins in 1994 as a video game by David Perry's newly founded Shiny Entertainment.

Shiny began as a team of very talented and skilled artists, illustrators, animators and programmers who had come from various development and animation backgrounds.
To prove his creative worth Doug TenNapel was asked to create a main character for their first game. A series of sketches later produced exactly what they were looking for; a quirky original character, that could fight, sing and even skip with his stretchy body. Earthworm Jim.

The video game won much acclaim and respect and a sequel was developed afterwards along with a TV Show and Toy line.

Who made this mess?

My name is Katherine Garner and I am an Illustrator and comic book colourist.

I started this Earthworm Jim fansite back in 1998 as a small artistic tribute after playing Earthworm Jim one and two in 1997. I was a little late to the fandom, but I got hooked anyway.

Around 2002 I decided to contact the creator of Earthworm Jim Doug TenNapel, and found myself helping him on various things ever since...websites, forums, webcomics...it has been pretty surreal and awesome to be able to help the creator of Earthworm Jim out! But the best thing was all the brilliant people I have met through it.

Sometime back in 2007 he gave me the chance to learn the ropes as a comic book colourist on the re-print of "Gear" and I have coloured his graphic novels Gear, Ghostopolis, Bad Island, Ratfist, Nnewts and Tommysaurus Rex.

I have learned many different skills and met many wonderful people who I would never have encountered had I not made this site back in 1998. I hope that people have found it useful for what it has to offer...hopefully I won't be doing it from a stair lift someday, but I'm not ready to sling the hook just yet!