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Earthworm Jim Game Animation & Comic book News

Earthworm Jim Game Animation & Comic book News

There’s a little bit of news for the new Earthworm Jim game in development exclusively for the upcoming Intellivision Amico by the original Earthworm Jim team!
Tommy Tallarico has posted an awesome preview of an Earthworm Jim run animation by Mike Dietz on his Twitter page:

Doug TenNapel is also going to launch a second chance Kickstarter for anyone who might have missed out on getting a copy of the first edition of Earthworm Jim The Comic Book on the 20th of January.

EARTHWORM JIM: Launch The Cow comic & NEW PRINT!

Earthworm Jim Gleam Competition

Earthworm Jim Gleam Competition

Doug TenNapel is hosting a special Earthworm Jim giveaway competition for 5 signed Earthworm Jim Goodies for Earthworm Jim the Comic! (This is a timed competition.)

​Hello all! We are currently hosting a giveaway for all five goodies included with Earthworm Jim the Comic! These include: (1) a set of 3 high quality EWJ prints, (2) one double-sided poster, (3) a 24 page preview comic of Bigfoot Bill 2, (4) an EWJ blockhedz paper craft sheet, (5) and a pack of EWJ Groovy Cards + a Groovy! patch Please note: Although Doug is signing these items, he did not provide the original artwork for some of them. Credit to Mike Koelsch, Alejandro Mirabal, Sebastian Kowoll, Creature Box, and Blockhedz. Five winners will be selected at random and contacted regarding their prize. The Groovy! patch does not come signed.

Signed Earthworm Jim Goodies!

(Competition is over!)

Earthworm Jim on Sega Mega Drive Mini

Earthworm Jim on Sega Mega Drive Mini

You know, this might seem a bit strange since this is a dedicated Earthworm Jim fan site…but I’ve been so busy for the last few months, it completely slipped my mind to post about Earthworm Jim being one of the many games released on the new Sega Mega Drive mini console! That was released on the 4th of October.

Speaking of which, I’m glad someone has finally made the original game available in this way, because the versions that have been available for sale up to this point, were closer to PC ports (or they were PC ports – I’d rather not get too technical about that side of things!)

Earthworm Jim Sega Genesis

You can find out more at their official website.

SEGA Mega Drive Mini | Official Website

If you are new to this site, check out the news about a completely new Earthworm Jim game that will be available for The Intellivision Amico, and developed by original Shiny Team members.

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