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Intellivision Amico Gamescon Trailer

Intellivision Amico Gamescon Trailer

The Trailer for the new Intellivision Amico games console dropped yesterday! You can see the trailer for it here. The new console releases on the 10th of October 2020. You can find out more at the official Intellivision Amico website.

If you don’t know already, a brand new Earthworm Jim game is going to be exclusively developed for Intellivision Amico by the original Earthworm Jim development team. They did a video about it earlier this year.

Here’s a video update about this news, and a little update on Earthworm Jim The Comic Book.

Earthworm Jim Comic Poster Stretch Goals

Earthworm Jim Comic Poster Stretch Goals

There have been many stretch goals added to Earthworm Jim The Comic Book on Indiegogo so far!

These are perks that come in addition to the main comic book (which is itself, being worked to as high a standard as possible). I haven’t had much time to keep up to date with that side of things, so I’m making sure to mention it now.

Some of them include embossing on the book cover, which makes it look fancy. Others are Trading cards, fabric patches, paper craft sheet “Blokhedz” Earthworm Jim cut-out character and so-on.

Today, it was announced that if the comic reaches $440k, there will be a beautiful fold-in poster by concept artist Sebastian Kowoll, included in every book. This poster features Earthworm Jim and Princess What’s Her Name with a cow being launched in the background.

Earthworm Jim Comic Fold in Poster by Sebastian Kowoll

There might be more things added yet, although there are only six days left until the end of the campaign. If you want to keep up with those, be sure to check the updates on the Indiegogo page for Earthworm Jim The Comic.

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