Monthly Archives: October 2014

Drone Cat Blues

I finished another picture for Hamstober too…Earthworm Jim, a Drone cat (# 4 perhaps?) and a rather flabbergasted Bob the Goldfish. Tommy Tallarico is doing another Kickstarter which just launched yesterday. This time for Video Games Live Level 4. Last years was pretty cool – this years will have an Earthworm Jim Medley on it, … Continue reading Drone Cat Blues

Hamstober 2014

It’s October…you know what that means? Hamstober. That’s what October is for. Not to be confused with Hamtober, which is a celebration of processed meats. Every day (or other day) of the week I will attempt to draw something to do with Earthworm Jim over the month of October. Do I regret starting this tradition … Continue reading Hamstober 2014