A Remake of Earthworm Jim

Doug TenNapel shares some thoughts on the subject of “Remakes” from things in popular culture.

A Remake of Earthworm Jim

Quite a thought provoker – here are some of my own thoughts on it:

Games like ori & the blind forest give me a weird “magical feeling when I see them. I’ve fallen head over heels for the Bayonetta games – it really is down to quality I think. That’s the main pull for me with anything – if it’s to get me “into” it, it has to have love put into it

I think this was the case with EWJ -you could tell there was a passion put into it. I do agree that an new EWJ would not succeed if it had “bargain bin” production values. It would not succeed if there was not care put into it. Those are my main thoughts.

I think ultimately the team has to care & enjoy the task of making stuff. Not be worried about trying to re-create something that was already made – no design by committee, just to have the freedom to make something good. No fear. That’s where creativity is allowed to breathe.

That what the original EWJ had. There were no fans telling them what to do, but somehow they put together the essence of that whole thing. I don’t worry whether Bayonetta 3 will be good or bad for example – I trust them to do what they do best, which is to create an awesome game.

There’s always that fear that something we feel a nostalgia for will never be repeated again. This is actually very often the truth – you will never feel that same spark you did when you were a kid. That’s OK, because we’re not really meant to stand still, stuck in the past. But we can at least learn from it.

I feel the world is always moving forwards – there’s so much you can do with video games now. Repeating something with the intention to make it the “same” doesn’t tend to work, because things are of their own time.


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