Armikrog. Game – News, Interviews and Fan art

Armikrog is doing pretty well so far…it has reached just past 50% of it’s $900,000 goal on Kickstarter. Still a way to go, but I think it can be reached. It needs our help though.

Armikrog looks like it will be a compelling and character rich adventure. It’s an original and creative game by the creators of Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood!

Their work on it may help the chances of reviving Earthworm Jim / The Neverhood by the original team. Only with 20+ years experience & awesome. Just throwing that out there.

Even if people can’t pitch in for all the rewards it offers to, they can help by spreading the word and telling people about the project, and posting the link to the Armikrog. Kickstarter so that more people know about it. That means you, lol! x____x

They are currently at E3 spreading the word about Armikrog. !
You can follow the Armikrog. team on Twitter for news, links to articles and interviews and pictures.

Armikrog collab with Doug TenNapel!
Doug TenNapel made a comic gag with Earthworm Jim, Klayman, Peter Puppy, Beak Beak and Tommynaut!  Doug thought of it & drew it - I coloured it in

Good Articles & Podcasts: (updating this list as I find them)

There’s even a lot of cool fan art appearing. Armikrog. DeviantArt group for fans.

Here’s some Fan art I did of the hair monster, Tommynaut and Beak Beak. :)

Armikrog. Tommynaut and Beak BeakArmikrog. Hair Monster