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Tweaks and Twerks

Well hello again…I’ve been updating the site a bit. Layout tweaks, bug fixes and headache inducing attempts to get stuff to work properly across more browsers across the site. Also an attempt to improve the way it works in responsive layouts. I don’t really want to look at another line of html for a while…! … Continue reading

Other games I love

I feel like writing about some of the best video games I’ve played over the last two years. Sure, this is an Earthworm Jim site – but these days I don’t feel a great need to talk about that – I regard this site as pretty much complete. I’ve done that now. If there’s ever … Continue reading

Hidden picture

I added a picture I did back in 2008 to my fan art archive – I sure got a little enthusiastic drawing fan art over the years. If you’re reading this, don’t go as crazy as I did… One of them was a picture I didn’t want to show anyone, but going through my back-ups … Continue reading