Doug TenNapel at San Diego Comic Con 2012

Doug TenNapel (The creator of Earthworm Jim) will be at the San Diego Comic Con next week!

It is of course the mecca for everyone who loves comics, video games and entertainment. You can meet your favorite comic book artists and wander down artists alley in the main hall. There are also big displays for the latest films and video games, as well as panels people can attend that interview TV show stars, voice actors, writers, artists etc. – the list goes on!

It runs from Thursday the 12th of July to Sunday the 15th (with preview night being on the 11th) this year.

He will be at booth 1601 with hard-bound copies of his new graphic novel Cardboard and Nnewts posters for sale. If you are lucky enough to be going (or have a friend who is), then pop over and say hello to him or let them know. :)