Another Earthworm Jim birthday bash

Another Earthworm Jim birthday bash

I found out from perceptive fans, that it’s the 24th Anniversary of the North American release of Earthworm Jim on the Sega Genesis today. So if you have some cake lying around, I highly encourage you to join in on a little birthday bash for ol’ Jim.

Doug TenNapel has been doing some reminiscing of his days at Virgin and Shiny Entertainment as he drew pictures of Earthworm Jim today, so I highly encourage you to give that a watch in your own time.

Earthworm Jim and Good Ol’ Days

On the topic of birthdays, it’s also the 20th of this fan site! Scary huh? Something that I made for fun in 1998 to put my¬†Earthworm Jim fan art on is still around now…I like so many different things, but for some reason this always stayed close to my heart. Earthworm Jim fan art by Katherine Garner mash up

Here’s a collage of some of my fan art. I was hoping to do something more for it this year to be honest, but I’m a little too busy with work at the moment.


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