Earthworm Jim concept art 2008

Doug TenNapel has posted a little bit of Earthworm Jim concept art he did back in 2008 (for the relaunch that never happened) over on the Nnewts Facebook page. It’s quite nice to see those. Actually they’re pretty “dang” cool as Americans would say. I’m English, so I have to be reserved you know. That’s just how it is.

It reminded me that there may never be a new-improved Jim made (obviously it would be nice), but it’d certainly be up the creek without Doug working on it.

Earthworm Jim Concept Art by Doug TenNapel

Earthworm Jim concept art Mecha by Doug TenNapel Earthworm Jim concept art Chibi by Doug TenNapel Earthworm Jim concept art by Doug TenNapel

After seeing some rather bad stuff happen a few times with it over the last 15 years (because he wasn’t involved with his own character), I’m pretty certain of that. It’d be like if someone other than Tolkien tried to re-write Lord of The Rings, and made Sauron into a good guy. It’d be strange. Obviously I’m not comparing EWJ to LOTR, that would be crazy…I’m trying to make a point. Things need their creators to be good as a general rule – otherwise stuff gets mediocre fast. This is why going independent in video games and comics is more interesting to creators – because it allows them to retain their rights.

It also reminded me that I designed and made this current site layout all those years ago! That’s why the Jim on it has a blue backpack – I based him off those concept pictures at the time. I kinda like him with a blue backpack.
The hamster that Jim is riding on it….that’s based on my dear hamster “Muffin” who passed away last year.

My old art…it makes me cringe a bit. And it makes me sad because it has the most darling hamster I ever met who isn’t here to tickle me with his little whiskers anymore. Arrrgh.

I wanted to make a few new layouts, but never found the time. I’ve got various notes for a Circus of the Scars one and a Level Ate theme. As to quote the old Earthworm Jim TV show, this site is truly a strictly scissors glue and too-much free time thing. I only have the scissors and glue these days.