Earthworm Jim Fan Game

Earthworm Jim Fan Game

I forgot that there was an Earthworm Jim fan game being developed for fun by a group of fans some years ago.

LoOk is a brilliant animator, and used to post Earthworm Jim animated Sprites onto my forum quite a bit. He let me share them on this site.

This is a fan made project he has worked on with another fan who goes by the pseudonym of XeinR. They formed a little team and just got on with it for fun, by the looks of things.

Go to their Facebook page for the project and give them all a pat on the back.

They should look into making their own original video games & characters from the experience.

It always impresses me how determined fellow Earthworm Jim fans are, that they keep this stuff alive through art and expression.

Rocket Worm is updated, written and illustrated by Katherine Garner.
Earthworm Jim was created by Doug TenNapel.