Earthworm Jim music at E3

Good news for those of us who love the Earthworm Jim music. Doug TenNapel will be appearing on stage with Tommy Tallarico and other members of the original Earthworm Jim game development team at E3 today! :)

He announced it on today’s Nnewts comic (which I am currently hidden away under a proverbial rock colouring in)…it’s a lot of fun.

Video Games Live will be playing bits and pieces of Earthworm Jim music from the games, which is bound to be awesome. I’m grumbling because I’m over here in England missing out, lol. I shouldn’t complain though, because I got to visit Doug and his lovely family over in America this March to teach them how to make proper cups of tea.

The Earthworm Jim team
The Earthworm Jim team – Mike Dietz, Ed Schofield, Doug TenNapel and Nick Bruty

E3 Earthworm Jim music medley videos – thanks Mnich.

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