Earthworm Jim on a hamster work in progress

It’s been a while since I made some new Earthworm Jim related artwork  – with all the stuff that’s happening, it got those EWJ cogs in my head turning again.

Here are a couple of sketches and silly ideas that popped into my head recently. If ideas come to you, sketch them down…you never know when they might come in useful. It’s fun, anyway! If you have made some fan art, share it!


Here are some work in progress pictures of an image I’m illustrating at the moment. It’s Earthworm Jim sitting on a giant hamster. I made a couple of videos on my YouTube Channel to show some of the process.

I’ll post it up once I’ve finished it!

Earthworm Jim Hamster sketch

Earthworm Jim sitting on hamster wip 1Earthworm Jim on hamster basic color

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