Hidden picture

I added a picture I did back in 2008 to my fan art archive – I sure got a little enthusiastic drawing fan art over the years. If you’re reading this, don’t go as crazy as I did…

One of them was a picture I didn’t want to show anyone, but going through my back-ups today, I’m not entirely sure why. It’s got two of my favorite things in it – a big explosion and a dragon.

I remember thinking about how Earthworm Jim’s abilities might work – how his “Manta shield” (which is a secret move in Earthworm Jim 2) might be used in combat.

Fighting the demon

I’m sure if a bunch of clever artists got their heads together, they could easily expand on how his suit works. Who knows! I think it’s kinda fun to think of how the world could be added to and expanded from the originals.

Rocket Worm is updated, written and illustrated by Katherine Garner.

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