I’m not dead yet

I’ve been working on some stuff for something – I can’t say a lot about it…at least I don’t think I can. Hmm…here’s a cheeky picture I took of my drawing board a couple of weeks ago. That doesn’t give anything away, other than I draw certain things with Crayola pencils sometimes.Earthworm Jim winking

Comic book stuff!

Nnewts book 3 The Battle for Amphibopolis by Doug TenNapel¬†is finally out! It’s available at Amazon, and book shops that carry it.

I haven’t talked about it that often here, because this is a fan site…this is my virtual EWJ crazy playground I started as a teenager in 1998. I try to keep my own professional adventures separate from it.

But if you have ever peeked at my illustration site, you might know I’ve worked as a colourist for Doug TenNapel for the last ten years. If you want to, you can read more about my colouring-in work on Nnewts 3 at this blog post I made.

All my best.


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