Michael Koelsch Earthworm Jim 2 Art The ElecPlay Tribute

Noah Ezrin has made a fantastic tribute video about the art of Michael Koelsch for Earthworm Jim 2.

Michael Koelsch is responsible for much of the amazing and much loved by fans the world over (I’m fairly certain this site would not even exist if I hadn’t seen his promotional art for EWJ) promotional, package and box art for the Earthworm Jim games, and he is providing new artwork for the Intellivision Amico Earthworm Jim game!

Noah has made a very informative tribute video about Michael Koelsch’s work on Earthworm Jim 2 – I highly recommend everyone watches and subscribes to his channel for more of his content about video games, art and entertainment. :)

Earthworm Jim 2 Never-Before-Seen Art By Michael Koelsch | Earthworm Jim 2 25th Anniversary Tribute

BOXING JIM Poster by Michael Koelsch : https://www.sporkunltd.com/store/earthworm-jim-2-boxing-poster See Noah’s video above, for the Boxing Jim Discount Promo Code!

Spork Unltd

Mike Koelsch’s Portfolio on Shannon Associates: https://www.shannonassociates.com/michaelkoelsch

More Earthworm Jim stuff from Noah:

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