Ratfist Tradeback

Doug TenNapel’s Ratfist webcomic is finally out as a collected trade-back edition. :)

Ratfist is the story of Ricky – a 40 something man preparing to finally settle down and propose to his long-term fiancee. But Ricky has a secret double life, which may cost him his future, his job and the love of his life. At night he takes on the guise of his alter-ego Ratfist – a vigilante in a rat costume – and with his pet rat Milt, gets into a whole lot of trouble.

Ratfist is published by Image Comics in full colour, with bonus art at the back and a fair bit of additional information written about it by Doug TenNapel. This was Doug’s first webcomic, so he shares some of that experience and talks about how writing a comic designed to be viewed daily on a website differed to working on a standard graphic novel.

It has a nice little addition to it for Earthworm Jim fans too. Originally in the web-comic there was a hint of that if you read along as we were updating it on-line last year…but there is a bit more to the brief encounter. ;)

It feels good to finally be able to say that. I won’t give anything else away.

You can get it from Ratfist at Amazon.co.uk or Ratfist at Amazon.com or as a digital download at comiXology.