The Neverhood

Return to The Neverhood

Return to The Neverhood by Terry Taylor and Doug TenNapel is finally completed. Neverhood fans should have something to be happy about! :)

It is a 36 page comic book written by Terry Taylor and illustrated by Doug TenNapel, with a 19 track CD of new music based on and inspired by The Neverhood.

You can get that here: The official Daniel Amos Webstore

Doug TenNapel did some absolutely beautiful inked Earthworm Jim commissions for people at the San Diego Comic Con this year. You can see some of those on his Twitter feed.

His new graphic novel Cardboard is out too – I think I posted about it already, but there’s no harm in mentioning it again. Do yourself a treat and check it out.

Don’t forget that we update Doug’s web comic Nnewts every week (Wednesdays) with a new page. There will be some exciting news on that soon too. :)