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20th Anniversary of Earthworm Jim - Light Version

Earthworm Jim 20th anniversary dark theme This layout was made in 2014 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original Earthworm Jim game.

If you think it looks a little retro, you'd be correct. I studied the original sprites and tried to design it to resemble the aesthetic that the 1994 version had, whilst still adding some things that were not there until the TV show! Princess What's her name is very much a warrior woman here, whilst in the video game she got a little squished by a cow.

Fun fact: I played Earthworm Jim over and over again in the hope I'd find a secret ending where the cow didn't land on her. Sadly my dedication didn't pay off.

There is a light and dark version of this theme.

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Earthworm Jim 20th anniversary dark theme