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Smile Things completed and yet to-do

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2020. It's been a crazy year, for a myriad of reasons...

I'm sure everyone is going though their own ups-and downs right now. I hope you are well out there.

Every time I consider posting a blog post on the main site about this old website, very often I'm left with a blank space for what to post about. This site turned 22 years old this year, which feels slightly crazy to acknowledge. Back in 1998 I threw it up so that I could post my fan-art...and there was a lot of fan art. I couldn't stop drawing the stuff back then...! :p

Then the 20th anniversary for EWJ happened back in 2014, and that was one of the best years for this site I think...I decided to knuckle-down and give the site a make-over. I really enjoyed making a new layout for it and doing the Hamstober thing for a couple years. I stopped doing the Hamstober thing after my hamster Whiskey died.

Then work and life took over! I've been working as a comic book colourist for Doug TenNapel since 2007, but I never thought he'd get to do an Earthworm Jim comic until last year. It's been a hectic couple of years, and I'm very grateful to be part of it.

I'm glad to say that I've finished colouring Earthworm Jim 2: Fight The Fish for Doug TenNapel & the little mini "They Called Him Evil" Comic book he made back in 1993, that comes as an extra with it.

I'm currently working on some new art work for the interior and back cover of the Evil The Cat mini comic. :) :evil:

After that...not entirely sure just yet. I don't want to make too many "plans" for this site, but I always like to leave things open. There are a couple of EWJ pictures bumping around in my brain I wouldn't mind tackling sometime in the future.

Hopefully as more information about the new Earthworm Jim Intellivision Amico Video Game by the original EWJ Development Team drops, I'll have more Earthworm Jim news to post about, too! Exciting.
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