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Updates and Features

Some things needed fixing and updating. There have been far more changes than I can go into here..a lot of bug fixing! One of the bigger changes was that the “font Awesome” icon library was replaced with css image sprites to make the little images that show in the menu. I thought it would make…Read More

Intellivision E3 Presentation

Intellivision did a 10 minute presentation at E3 for the upcoming Intellivision Amico console. You can now view it on their YouTube Channel. E3 2021 Presentation | Intellivision® Amico™ They are also doing a giveaway competition for an Earthworm Jim Poster that has been signed by the Earthworm Jim development team – Update – Competition…Read More

Earthworm Jim 27th Birthday

Happy 27th Birthday Earthworm Jim! It is Earthworm Jim’s 27th birthday today! Intellivision will also be exhibiting a digital showcase at E3 2021 this year – June 14th @ 9:45am PT / 12:45pm ET Intellivision® Amico™ | E3 2021 Teaser

Earthworm Jim and a Dragon

This sketch started out as Earthworm Jim making a dusty landing, but then I got distracted and added a dragon…I like dragons. Did I mention that? Don’t think so. It’d be interesting to colour it sometime in the future perhaps – certainly I’d like to post up sketches and things for fun like I used…Read More

Intellivision Amico Updates

I’ve been paying attention to the upcoming Intellivision Amico over the last few months, to learn more about it. Earthworm Jim 4 is going to be developed for the Intellivision Amico sometime in the future. The actual console itself is scheduled to release in October of this year. (Please note that date may change. At…Read More