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Come back from time to time to see site updates, Earthworm Jim fan art and news for Earthworm Jim 4, Earthworm Jim The Comic and Intellivision Amico.

Earthworm Jim The Comic
Amico Deep Dive Tank Battle and Astrosmash

Intellivision Entertainment have some new “Deep Dives” into Tank Battle and Astrosmash for the upcoming Intellivision Amico console!

The series is hosted by Tommy Tallarico and John Alvarado. Each video takes a comprehensive look at individual Amico titles, providing viewers with history, insight, tips and tricks about gameplay. You can view them on their official Intellivision YouTube channel.

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Earthworm Jim on a Hamster

Another Earthworm Jim fan art post today. I made a sketch of Earthworm Jim on a hamster for old-times sake yesterday after working – I considered going back in time and trying to do another hamstober this year, but it’s no good forcing it.

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Earthworm Jim on Hamster

The Earthworm Jim Fan Art page has been updated with some silly sketches I did out of needing to scribble. I draw a lot in my sketchbooks (non Earthworm Jim stuff) but don’t like to show a lot of stuff I make (it’s messy in there!). Maybe I’ll do another Hamstober this year to shake some cob-webs out…thinking about it. Drawing for fun is well…fun.

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Doug TenNapel’s Eternal Klay

Doug TenNapel has a new fine-art Digital art project: Eternal Klay.

Eternal Klay is a collection of new, unique Klay people NFTs.

Doug TenNapel’s Eternal Klay is a collection of new, unique Klay people NFTs. These are digital, hand drawn beings to collect and trade. (


Intellivision tour and Crayola Event

Tommy Tallarico and the crew at Intellivision Entertainment have been very busy. They are improving and developing the Intellivision Amico before it launches.

I really enjoy seeing the behind the scenes stuff.  Mike Dietz, Ed Schofield and Michael Koelsch also feature briefly in the Friday Lunch tour video they put up recently!

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