Big Bruty

Game Manual Description

Blind as a mole rat. Fat as a beached whale. Dumb as a rock. That’s Big Bruty. If he gets one whiff of you though, he’ll come after you like a runaway freight train. Your best bet is to stay out of his way, because he’s always hungry & always chews his food 30 times before swallowing.

Big Bruty

Big Bruty lives on a strange deserted world. A land that once thrived with life...but is now eerie and barren. Old stories said that the land was once inhabited by a whole race of beings.

A strange egg was found in some deep swamp land by the local village idiot. Excited by the discovery, he rushed off to store it somewhere warm, where to his delight it soon hatched.

He decided to keep it as a pet in secret...he named it Bruty because of its brutish and voracious appetite. Bruty was small at first. Seemingly harmless, but would constantly beg for food. And he got it. Until finally Bruty was no longer small, and certainly not harmless.

Picking his doting caretaker from his teeth, Bruty lumbered out of his hiding place. Enticed by the smell of fresh villagers, he set about in devouring as many he could get his claws on.

Big Bruty had a strange ability to produce more of his kind without the need for reproduction. Thus where there was only one Bruty at first, soon enough there were many hatchling baby Bruty's running around causing havoc. It is believed that the remaining survivors of the planet evacuated and moved to other planets, as there was no way they could control the invasion.

Big Bruty is always hungry. He's a huge lumbering red lumpy dinosaur. He is said to be blind...some believe that he just hasn't figured out how to open his eyes yet, not being the brightest creature around. Most of Bruty's time is spent sunning his sluggish body waiting for a scent of something tasty to eat, but once he smells something, he'll lumber untiringly after it. And when that happens, the victim will hear a horrifying blood curdling laugh. All that remain now are Bruty and his many descendants.

Overhead is the constant buzzing of giant killer bees, who prey on the young hatchlings - and anything else they can get their stingers into.