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Getting ready for 2024

Getting ready for 2024

Hello, it has been some time since I blogged here on Rocket Worm!

I’m gearing up to do some new stuff for next year – it will be the 30th anniversary of the Earthworm Jim video game (1994 – 2024), so it seemed like a good time to try and do something.

I don’t know how many people are aware that I worked as a comic book colorist for Doug TenNapel for many years now – It always feels a bit strange talking about it here for me, but it also doesn’t make sense not to, since it is topical.

I finally finished the colour-work for Doug Tennapel’s Earthboy Jacobus graphic novel. That was a comic book that was originally published by Image comics back in 2005 (ancient history for sure!) – but it’s one of his best books in my humble opinion.

Earthboy Jacobus by Doug TenNapel

I don’t know when it will in fact get published in full colour. But I’m happy to finally mark that project off my list of things to do. I will be doing my own art projects and learning new skills going forward.

All of this fan site stuff really is something I began when younger and held onto. I hope I can do something nice for next year, but obviously it’s not something I have to do.

I’m making more video game streams on my Rocket Worm! YouTube channel on the side as well – next up is more Doom, Darksiders, Zelda, Bayonetta and anything else I feel like streaming. I’ll also put more art time-lapses up there as I make them. :)

The Daily Salamander will re-open for new registrations eventually, for anyone who might want to use it.

Video Games Live Tours!

Video Games Live Tours!

Video Games Live has been touring again! I’ve always loved the concept of this show, and supported it in my own way here on Rocket Worm! over the years. I would have loved to go see one, they always look fantastic.

Music is something I think is essential in this world – it brings people together, inspires and helps bring back fond memories and experiences for many people.

This is a concert event put on by the video game industry to help encourage and support the culture and art that video games have become. Video Games Live bridges a gap for entertainment by exposing new generations of music lovers and fans to the symphonic orchestral experience while also providing a completely new and unique experience for families and/or non-gamers. The show is heralded and enjoyed by the entire family.


For tour venues and dates, visit the official Video Games Live Tour dates Page.

I remember playing Earthworm Jim back in 1996 for the first time, and when that beat in New Junk City first dropped, I was hooked by the game. The Music that Tommy Tallarico created for Earthworm Jim has a quality to it. I still like to listen to the tracks sometimes, when I’m drawing, because it brings back those good memories.

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