Drawing Earthworm Jim

Drawing Earthworm Jim

Well it’s another new year. We’re living in slightly crazy times at the moment. But you can be sure that things will always be crazy here on Rocket Worm.

I’ve been drawing a lot more lately. I have to get a load of new artwork done for my art site. Everyone should have something they enjoy to do. I’m not going to turn this site into a life advice blog, (I’m the last person who should do that) but I do believe in keeping busy.

One of the main reasons this site is here, is because of my Earthworm Jim fan art. I used to send it to “The Earthworm Jim Shrine” which was written by the wonderful Athena back in the day – Danielle Williams : Danielle is now a very accomplished book author, and I highly encourage everyone to check her work out.

At length, it was suggested I made my own site, and that’s basically the main reason it’s here. Over the years I covered whatever scraps of information there was about Earthworm Jim to pad it out.

Anyway, I felt like drawing Jim a little recently. Thought I’d post a couple of work in progresses here.

Earthworm Jim sketches by katherine Garner
Earthworm Jim sketches
Earthworm Jim sketch katherine garner
Earthworm Jim falling sketch (base flat)
Earthworm Jim Sketch flatted katherine garner
Earthworm Jim sketch wips – flatted colours

Make your own website! (Far better) Whatever you get up to, be careful out there.


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