Drone Cat Blues & VGL Level 4

I finished another picture for Hamstober (a self initiated torture for myself through October) Earthworm Jim, a Drone cat (# 4 perhaps?) and a rather flabbergasted Bob the Goldfish.


Tommy Tallarico is doing another Kickstarter which just launched yesterday.
This time for Video Games Live Level 4. Last years was pretty cool – this years will have an Earthworm Jim Medley on it, which would be awesome. I’ve seen videos of that, but I’m sure seeing it live, or hearing a clean version of that is something else!


Video Games Live: Level 4 will be the 4th album of symphonic video game music from the award winning 10 year+ world touring Video Games Live concert series.

The album will be recorded, mixed and mastered in world famous recording studios with a 72+ piece orchestra of world class musicians as well as famous video game composers from around the world!

Each music segment in Video Games Live is personally arranged and orchestrated by the original composers and also uses input from the actual game designers & producers and game developers & publishers.

The album track list will consist of NEVER BEFORE RELEASED Video Games Live music arrangements from game franchises such as Final Fantasy VI (Opera), Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Donkey Kong Country, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, League of Legends, BioShock, Metal Gear Solid 3 – “Snake Eater”, Earthworm Jim, Uncharted, Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed, Cave Story AND MORE! The goal is to have between 12 – 15 tracks on the album.


If you love video games and music, this is definitely worth getting involved in. But even if you can’t, please help spread the word so more people know. :)

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