Earthworm Jim 2 comic Indiegogo

Earthworm Jim 2 comic Indiegogo

Hey there, hope you’re all well.

The Kickstarter for the second Earthworm Jim comic book by Doug TenNapel, Earthworm Jim 2: Fight The Fish! Ended last week – (Earthworm Jim 2: Fight The Fish! Kickstarter Launched ) It’s starting up on Indiegogo now!

Earthworm Jim: B&W LEATHER & Earthworm Jim 2

It comes with a special tier for an exclusive leather bound black and white edition of Earthworm Jim The Comic: Launch The cow!

I thought I’d be blogging a little more often, but it’s been a lot of work on my end. Welp. I have one more month left to get Earthworm Jim 2: Fight The fish coloured in…I’m not big on those things called words at the moment. :)

Intellivision Live Event

There’s also going to be a special Intellivision Amico live event on Saturday the 10th of October! Just in case you don’t know already, the original EWJ team are developing a new Earthworm Jim game for the Intellivision Amico.

We will be holding an Intellivision Amico SPECIAL LIVE EVENT this Saturday, 10/10 at 10:10am Pacific time on the Intellivision YouTube channel.

Major news!

New hardware video!
New game footage!
Contests & Prizes!
New demo to play!
Live Q&A!

And…secrets revealed!

You won’t want to miss it!


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