Earthworm Jim 2 on Nintendo Switch Online

Earthworm Jim 2 on Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo announced on March the 30th that the Super Nintendo version of Earthworm Jim 2 is now available for members of Nintendo Switch Online!

Earthworm Jim 2

Released for the Super NES™ console in 1995, you worm your way back into your super suit and take on the role of Jim, the annelid with attitude! The plot picks up after Jim’s successful rescue of Princess What’s-Her-Name and his less-than-successful attempts to woo her immediately thereafter. Just when it seemed the princess would have a change of heart, the evil Psy-Crow swooped in and kidnapped her, eager to claim the crown for himself. Now it’s up to Jim to stop their wedding. But he’s not alone this time—his pal Snott is along for the ride. Jump, shoot, swing, and slime your way across 10 different levels, catch Psy-Crow, and rescue the girl of Jim’s dreams!

Find out more about their latest update on their official site: Nintendo Switch update 04/01/22 

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That’s great! I hope Earthworm Jim 1 gets on there too, eventually.

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