Earthworm Jim Anthology Vinyl

Earthworm Jim Anthology Vinyl

Tommy Tallarico has made a limited edition 4 sided 180g double Vinyl Earthworm Jim Album which is being released by the German record label and vinyl distributor Black Screen Records.

Earthworm Jim Vinyl Album

I can finally talk about this! I’m a bit late to mention it, because I’ve been visiting Doug TenNapel in America for two weeks. I had a lovely time, and saw the Eclipse…it’s been a crazy month.

Back in April this year, I was asked to make some new art for an Earthworm Jim vinyl Album. It’s also got some of my older stuff on it. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to help Tommy Tallarico out with this! I hope people like it.

The vinyl is NOW AVAILABLE exclusively for pre-order direct from Black Screen Records. The double vinyl album will also be available for pre-order throughout major online and retail outlets starting September 15, 2017 (while supplies last) – EWJ Anthology Vinyl.


A1. Invertebrate Retreat (Subterranean Remix)
A2. Tangerine
A3. Subterranean
A4. Falling
A5. Banjo Race
A6. Tropical Paradise
A7. Junkit

B1. Wormaphobic Disorder (Tangerine Remix)
B2. Submerged
B3. Snot A Problem
B4. Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement)
B5. Glow Worm Jim (Subterranean Radio Edit Remix)
B6. Italian Medley

C1. What the Heck (The Oneups Remix)
C2. The Moo Tango
C3. Buttville
C4. Early Bird (Junkit Remix)
C5. Doobeedowapbop
C6. Psycrow
C7. Darkworm Rag
C8. 80’s Annelid
C9. Lorenzen’s Dirt (Subterranean Remix)

D1. Dixieland Finale
D2. Continue to Rock
D3. Dad’s Tune
D4. The Big Top Polka
D5. Keyz To New Junk City (Junkit Remix)
D6. Party Time
D7. Intestinal Distress (Previously Unreleased)
D8. Earthworm Jim (Video Game Live Montage)

Earthworm Jim rock star

More information is available on the Blackscreen Records website!

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