Earthworm Jim’s Birthday

Earthworm Jim’s Birthday

I’m currently keeping off social media to concentrate on coloring the second Earthworm Jim comic for Doug TenNapel, and make new art.

As you may or may not know, it was the 26th birthday of the release of the first Earthworm Jim video game, on the 9th of June. It was nice to see other fans celebrating it!

Doug TenNapel is working on pages for the next Earthworm Jim Comic book, and I’m coloring those in as he sends them to me.

I colored the 24 page Earthworm Jim comic 2 preview a few weeks back. Everyone who backs Bigfoot Bill 2 will get a preview of the next book free with their copy of Bigfoot Bill 2.

The window of time that is available for is shortening, but the whole book; Earthworm Jim The Comic Book: Fight The Fish will be crowdfunding later this year.

Here are a few little samples from it.


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