Earthworm Jim Comic Book Indiegogo is Launched!

Earthworm Jim Comic Book Indiegogo is Launched!

The Earthworm Jim Comic Book by Doug TenNapel has officially launched on Indiegogo!

EARTHWORM JIM the Comic Book!

This is the story of Earthworm Jim that Doug TenNapel has finally got the chance to tell.

I will be working on the colors for the book (Katherine Garner) – we’re going to make this book the best it can be for all the fans who waited for Jim to come back. I hope you check it out!

Please be sure to check out the Indigogo campaign page for more information and wonderful art perks by amazing artists such as CreatureBox and original Earthworm Jim box art illustrator Michael Koelsch!

For more news and updates about the comic by Doug TenNapel, please sign up to the official Earthworm Jim Comic mailing list.

Earthworm Jim has been a beloved character in video games since his launch in 1994, but due to the limitations of cartridge space, his epic story was never properly told. I’m not only the creator of Earthworm Jim, but I’ve spent the last 20 years making 18 graphic novels! I’ve spent a long time writing the epic of Earthworm Jim, and this first book will be on how Jim became Jim! Who made the super suit? Why is he launching cows?! I’m calling out to EWJ fans to help make this epic happen NOW! – Doug TenNapel



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