Earthworm Jim Draw and Chill

I’ve got a little Earthworm Jim related art stuff to talk about today, and some interesting YouTube videos to share.

This is a really interesting video that Tommy Tallarico shared about the Cell animation of games such as Aladdin, Dragons lair and Earthworm Jim. Certainly worth watching to see the work that went into making those older video games back in the 90’s.

One thing I’ve been really excited to see with Earthworm Jim 4, is new animation by Mike Dietz, Ed Schofield and the team.

Earthworm Jim The Comic 2 – Fight The Fish by Doug TenNapel (the full colour version and his limited edition black & white leather book) is finally getting out and about to people who supported the Kickstarter and IndieGoGo last year.

I hope to do an unboxing video for it on my (slightly neglected) Rocket Worm YouTube channel when it arrives to England.

I like to make little time-lapse videos for when I draw fan art, or show Earthworm Jim comic colour stuff. Tried to make it into a more general art channel, but it didn’t really work trying to make it into something it wasn’t – it’s Earthworm Jim related stuff there.

Earthworm Jim
Earthworm Jim looking into a strange light

Finally, I want to share this remix of the Tommy Tallarico Dixieland Finale from Earthworm Jim 2 by Basutora! it’s so cute – made my day a little happier. It’s illustrated by  セブンチャン Lets spread some of that feel good stuff around. :p :)