Earthworm Jim Original Artwork

Earthworm Jim Original Artwork

Some Original one of a kind Earthworm Jim artwork is being sold on Ebay by the original Earthworm Jim cover artist Mike Koelsch!

If you are a collector and love his work this will be right down your alley. He has illustrated Trading cards in the past, and the back side of it is one of his illustrations for Wizards of The Coast.

2.5″x3.5″ Earthworm Jim Original Artwork – White Back MTG card – Michael Koelsch

Auction over – Ebay Link removed. It sold for US $365.00 with 15 bids.

I’m wondering why someone hasn’t commissioned a whole set of Earthworm Jim cards from him yet. That’d be so gorgeous.

If you’re still hankering for something from Koelsch, go check out this Earthworm Jim 2 Boxing Poster he illustrated based on unreleased box designs.

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