Final day of Earthworm Jim 2 Campaign

Final day of Earthworm Jim 2 Campaign

If you’re on the fence about getting a copy of the second installment in the adventures of Earthworm Jim, time is running out!

Earthworm Jim farmer Jim Snott Peter Puppy

Well sort of…Doug TenNapel will extend  the campaign for a little longer if it gets over $180k.

Earthworm Jim 2 Comic! plus B&W LEATHER!

The Black and white version of Earthworm Jim 1 is exclusive to the Indiegogo campaign, and comes with a T-shirt. :)

Mike Mignola Made an exclusive cover!

Mike Mignola exclusive Earthworm Jim Fight The Fish comic cover

I’m glad to say that I’ve finished colouring the book in now too! Finished up on page 160 last night. It’s a huge relief! I’ve just got to finish up on the little “They Called Him Evil” Comic colour work, and any edits that need ironing out, but that’s the hard part over. :)

Earthworm Jim Fight The Fish Comic preview

Earthworm Jim and giant Hamster bob goldfish Earthworm Jim comic 2 Fight The fish Sally The Blind cave salamander psycrow zombie

It’s been wonderful to work on this book with Doug TenNapel, and I hope you enjoy it if you decide to get a copy.

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