Hamstober Day Twelve

I’m still working on Number 12…I’ve been a little too busy to get around to drawing a hamster today…I will post one up later.

Some awesome hamsters have been sent in by Mike Dietz, Robbie Douglas and Robert Barnett (who is very good with an accordion…ladies you have been warned).

Mike Dietz’s Hamster!

A lovely hamster looking alert.

Mike Dietz's Hamster left some chocolate drops laying about. Yummy!

Mike Dietz is currently busy making Armikrog. with Ed Schofield and more awesome people. :)

Robert Barnett’s Hamster!

A cuddly hamster eating a sunflower seed. My hamster does that.

Robert Barnett drew a hamster eating a sunflower seed

Robbie Douglas’s Hamster!

Robbie turned the world upside-down, and drew Earthworm Jim carrying a hamster!

Robbie Douglas drew Earthworm Jim carrying a hamster

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