Happy Birthday Earthworm Jim

The original video game came out in October 1994 according to Mike Dietz. He also informed fans that Earthworm Jim was created by Doug TenNapel sometime around November 1993. So that means we get another birthday in November. I don’t know for sure, but it’d be funny. June the 9th is also regarded as a special day to EWJ fans I know.

I think all year round is a good time to celebrate. But apparently it’s October too…so update your calender…I think that’s birthday post number four now! :p
Hamstober is coming up…It might not be as insane as last years Hamstober.

Earthworm Jim Fans have been posting loads of cool stuff to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Earthworm Jim (for the Sega Genesis)! You can catch up on the celebrations on Twitter and post your own.
#EarthwormJim :)

Get yourself a cup of something and have a read of The Making Of Earthworm Jim Retrogamer article that features David Perry – it’s a very good and thought provoking read.

A big Thank You to all the great people who created Earthworm Jim twenty years ago.

Here is some new fan art I made recently.

Earthworm Jim on Whiskey:
Earthworm Jim and Whiskey my hamster

And a quick sketch made last night of Jim in his birthday suit:
Earthworm Jim sketches

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