Intellivision Amico – Earthworm Jim 4 First Look

The August 5th Intellivision Amico Special Event took place today on the Intellivision Amico’s YouTube channel!

It was a showcase event for some of the video games that will feature on the new Intellivision Amico such as: Moon Patrol, Evel Knievel, Astrosmash, Missile Command, Breakout, Sesame Workshop and more.

For a full press release of the event and all games mentioned, check out their official press release!

Press Release – August, 5th 2020

And they saved Earthworm Jim 4 for last! A little teaser was shown towards the end of the video. This is being exclusively developed by the original Earthworm Jim team! :)

Earthworm Jim 4

The legendary multi-award-winning side-scrolling game is back exclusively for Amico. More adventure, more fun, more shenanigans and now… with MULTIPLAYER!