Lost Earthworm Jim Test Animation

Lost Earthworm Jim Test Animation

Mr. Bones has made a very interesting YouTube video about some lost Earthworm Jim test media. Update, it’s been found – read more to see the video.

I remember seeing the video he talks about in the far flung past (like over 20 years ago – I’m getting old) – and I never managed to find it.

It’s some test footage for the 1995 Earthworm Jim TV show, and some of it was used in a promotional video for Kids WB by Universal Studios Animation. It shows how the early concepts / guides for the TV show were a little closer to the video game, so it’s fairly interesting. Listen to the trials and tribulations of Mr.Bones, as he describes how difficult  it is to find “lost media” (it really is kind of difficult, that’s why I don’t bother.)

Update! The Earthworm Jim Test animation has been found.

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