Playing with Hero Forge

Playing with Hero Forge

I had some fun over the weekend with Hero Forge. This is an app for creating “Table Top” action figures for board games. I made a few Earthworm Jim characters with it, and have shared them here.

I made Earthworm Jim’s Super Suit, Princess What’s Her Name, Psycrow, Evil Jim and Raziel from Soul Reaver. I love Soul Reaver.

You can play with these characters yourself! Here are the links to them:

  1. Earthworm Jim Sitting
  2. Earthworm Jim Under Suit
  3. Earthworm Jim Bunny Slippers
  4. Evil The Cat in Super Suit
  5. Princess What’s Her name
  6. Princess What’s Her name and Jim
  7. Psycrow
  8. Psycrow with Jet pack
  9. Psycrow and Evil Jim
  10. Raziel from Soul Reaver

Watch the video on Youtube for a full run-through!

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Playing with Hero Forge

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