Rocket Worm Layout Updates

I’ve been updating Rocket Worm. Layout tweaks, bug fixes and headache inducing attempts to get stuff to work properly across more browsers across the site.

Also to improve the way it works in responsive layouts. I don’t really want to look at another line of html for a while…!

The layout changes depending on how big the browser window is basically.

Take a look at the smallest ones…I figured out how to make css3 animations! I love silly things like that. :D :p

I can’t get it to work on the blog sections of the site, (I tried, oh how I tried…) but I also want to tell you that you can now switch between a dark and light theme of the main site.
Every page you can see a yellow star in the menu, is where that should work. (…hopefully.)

Light and dark

You can read more about the current layout on the themes page:)

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