Updates and Features

Updates and Features

Some things needed fixing and updating. There have been far more changes than I can go into here..a lot of bug fixing!

One of the bigger changes was that the “font Awesome” icon library was replaced with css image sprites to make the little images that show in the menu. I thought it would make it more user friendly.

What made it bearable was the discovery of a texture packer tool that compiles the images into a grid, and spits out css classes for each image it needs to show. Working out image coordinates manually,  takes a long time. This is also useful for splicing images together quickly!

I’ve re-tested the site across Chrome, Edge, Firefox and phone.

The current Rocket Worm site layout was made in 2014, but it has gone through various tweaks. I always mean to make more layouts, but can’t guarantee that will happen yet, due to more pressing obligations.

There are three versions of the layout depending on what state it is in – mobile, where Earthworm Jim flies across the top of the page with a dazed Psy-Crow, the middle one (which is a more basic layout to the largest), and the fully illustrated largest version which shows best on home desktop resolutions. It has always behaved that way since 2014, but I made the mobile-ready one last longer.

There is also a dark version which you can change to on the change layout page. It only works on the main site, not the blog.

The Avatar Maker has been updated! This was launched back in 2018, but wasn’t implemented well into the site.

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