Why I like video games

Occasionally playing a (good!) video game is a welcome form of escapism. As long as it’s not obsessive – there is a difference – It really is just a hobby.

And while such a past-time may not be considered as intellectually stimulating as losing yourself in a good book – (another wonderful thing to do), it’s not all that bad.

When playing a video game, or reading a book, or drawing a picture it is possible to escape for a little while and imagine a world from another character’s eyes, right? I created this site in my spare time to escape bullying, back when I was a teenager. It was just a form of escapism.

I also wanted to imagine something as silly as Earthworm Jim did have more to it, even if it didn’t. I blame the fact that the manual was so well written! It built up a little story to the whole thing – and that fueled some mystery to it.

I always wondered if Jim ever went back to Earth actually. What a curious fellow, traveling millions of light-years to meet an alien princess who eventually gets squished by a running gag. Very curious indeed.

Perhaps there’s nothing to it at all – but I think humans rather enjoy imagining there is more to stuff than there really is. It’s what keeps us going.

I recently completed the latest Zelda Breath of the Wild game ( a few weeks ago) – I didn’t want to complete it. I wanted the mystery to remain! The fact that the story was not told all at once, but let me discover it gradually held my curiosity – once I did end it, something switched off in my brain. I was done with it…isn’t that curious. Maybe there’s something wrong with me.

All my best.

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