Bob the Goldfish

Game Manual Description

Bob is a goldfish with plans... plans to steal Jim’s powerful suit so he can rule the universe. He can’t harm Earthworm Jim directly, but that’s what the drone cat #4 is for!! This brute packs a mean punch! Whatever Bob wants, #4 gets — and Bob wants that suit!

Bob The Goldfish

When Bob was merely a small fry, he knew that he was somehow different from all the other fish. Tired of trying to have conversations with creatures that merely blew bubbles in response to him, he grew restless and ventured far beyond the safe depths of his ocean the surface!

Soon after popping his head above the water, he was greeted by a huge muscular cat-like creature. It was fortunate for him that the occupants of the small amount of land on the whole of the planet were very dumb. Seeing that this was no ordinary fish, as it had never seen a fish that could scream. The cat saw him as a god...a saviour perhaps?

Taking Bob to his fellow huge and rather stupid feline friends, they officially named their god Bob. That was the only name they could think of. They gave him a fish-bowl and pedestal to show their gratitude, and took him to rule as their destined leader. In honour of the cat who found him, Bob bestowed the right to carry him about in his bowl.

Delighted that he had a palace, a shiny new glass bowl and a reason for living he gave orders for the building of a sub-domain. He wanted his fish friends to see what a goldfish could really accomplish when he put his mind to it. A huge complex of glass tubes, tunnels and underwater platforms were constructed...the whole thing very much resembling a huge version of one of those novelty hamster homes. Giant hamsters are rumoured to be quite a problem.

Bob used the cats for his servitude and his personal bodyguards. He found that as a race they were particularly resilient, trained up from kittens to be strong and burly.

But Bob wants so much more. Overcome with an unquenchable thirst for power, he is convinced he is a born leader and it is his destiny to rule over more than his planet. Frustrated that he can't walk amongst his followers, he dreams of universal conquest over land, sea and the universe.