Earthworm Jim Cartoon and Comics

When the first two games were released, it was already decided that Earthworm Jim was not going to stop there. It was planned to be multifaceted. Earthworm Jim was something that didn't have to be limited to one area of the Media or Arts. This was planned at the time. Along with the first two games came a TV Show, promotional comic books and toy line.

The TV Show

Earthworm Jim and Peter Puppy Doug TenNapel was the executive Producer for the show. The other producers were Roy Allen Smith, David Perry and Kathi Castillo. Douglas Langdale was the show's main writer. Other writers included John Behnke, Thomas Hart, Rob Humphrey, Jim Peterson and Steve Roberts.

It had a memorable Theme Tune which was written by Will Anderson.

Universal Cartoon Studios created a different style for Earthworm Jim in comparison to the original video games. In particular the style of humour and the direction it took was very different. Its humour was a mix of pop-culture reference, irony and some old fashioned slap stick for good measure. It made references to famous films and old sitcoms. Some of these included "I Love Lucy", "The Wizard of Oz", "Dune", "Star Trek" and "Citizen Kane". There were twenty three episodes made. The show lasted for two American seasons, and was eventually cancelled in 1997 by Warner Brothers.

Episodes Season 1

Episodes that aired in 1995

Episodes Season 2

Episodes that aired in 1996

Jim with his friends Earthworm Jim was voiced by Dan Castellaneta (Homer in The Simpsons). Originally the voice director for the show Ginny McSwain, was said to have wanted the actor Matt Frewer for the role of Jim. Castellaneta had come in for one of the supporting roles.

He was a good choice for the TV Show Jim and matched the off-the-wall, light-hearted and comical mood of the show.

Voice actors

The episodes didn't follow a set out story or plot. They were independent to one another, so didn't need to be watched in sequential order. They jumped from various themes which varied from lost egg beaters to children's popup books that held the secrets to destroying the universe.


There were several noticeable differences between the games and the TV show. All the characters were re-designed for it to suit the themes of the show. The strength of the cartoon show was in its quality of writing which was very intelligent and humorous.

Earthworm Jim
In the TV show Earthworm Jim was incredibly silly. Despite having "four hyper intelligent brains", they were all pretty useless. He had a knack for getting into trouble, and an obsession with snow globes. He lived in a house with Peter Puppy and Snott. His house was situated in the small town of Turlock, which held a strange attraction to invading space aliens.
Peter Puppy
Peter Puppy wore clothes in the show - black pants and a green shirt. He liked jazz and played the banjo. He was Jim's loyal sidekick-turn-demonic leg chewing monster throughout the show.
Snott featured quite frequently as a docile pet character. Snott spoke his own language in the show and helped Peter and Jim out when they were in trouble.
Princess WHN
Had the strength of ten men and was a bit prickly towards Earthworm Jim in her TV show incarnation, but warmed up eventually. She was more independent and strong. She had a bit of a back-story which was a nice development. Exiled at birth, became a renegade freedom fighter. Chewed gum. Played cards on the weekends. That sort of thing.
Evil The Cat
Always tried to devise ways to "Destroy The Universe" and generally be evil - on failure he would remark "A minor setback!".
Nemesis of Earthworm Jim - often sought ways to cause havoc and destroy his enemies - "I shall destroy you, and what not". Had a spaceship called The Space Scow. Tended to team up with Professor Monkey for a head.
Professor MFAH
The professor is quite highly strung and sensitive, having a monkey for a head. Monkey is more laid-back. They act as an odd couple, often bickering with one another.
Bob The Goldfish
Ruler of an underwater kingdom on the La Planeta de Agua (Aiihaa!). Sought power and ways to cook Jim up for dinner.
"Queen Slug for-a-Butt
Evil ruler of the planet Insectica. Sought ways to destroy Earthworm Jim and her exiled twin sister Princess What's Her Name and get the suit back. Also went by the name Lucy.

New characters (unique to the TV show) were introduced.

The Hamstinator
a super hero capable of stuffing anything into his cheeks. Basically a large hamster with a cape.
(Evil the Cat's main lackey) - As well as demon rat followers who played heavy metal, Evil had a companion to kick around. Hench Rat was quite formidable, and wielded a large cheese blaster gun. He also played the piano remarkably well.
Mrs. Bleveridge
A strange woman who lived in a trailer park near Earthworm Jim's house. She got caught up in Jim's adventures whether she liked it or not.
A large built prison convict made a couple of appearances as a running gag character. He usually wanted to use Jim as dental floss.
Evil Jim
Earthworm Jim's evil doppelganger after an incident with a photocopier. Essentially a twisted green-skinned with bad yellow teeth, intelligent version of Jim. He was an unhealthy shade of green and his suit had an angular twisted build with black chest straps.
The Anti Fish
A giant evil fish with the power to destroy the universe by eating the Great Worm Spirit.
Fur-Bearin' trout
A huge fur covered trout based on a true urban legend.
A demon who knew The Great Secret of the Universe.
Malice the Dog
Became the girlfriend of Evil The Cat (for a short while) to summon The Fiend Which Dares Not Speak Its Name.
The Arch Bug
Bishop of Insectica - fears Giant Chickens, and is a little bit insane.
The Great Worm Spirit
Lives at the dawn of time and has the power to reboot the universe. Takes on the form of a giant space worm, pink bunny and Doug TenNapel.
Could best be described as the number one Earthworm Jim enthusiast in the whole world (literally) and was very intelligent, if a little socially challenged.

The TV Show was eventually cancelled in 1997.

The TV Show was designed for a specific audience and the current values or trends in Warner Brother's line up for that time. Perhaps the broadcasters aired the show towards too young an age group for it's style of humour which was very developed and clever. It didn't get the high ratings it needed to last a third season unfortunately. It had a VHS release.

There was a DVD release by Madman on June 1st 2011 for Australia and New Zealand. It was also released for the US and Canada by Millennium on the 10th July 2012.


Doug TenNapel's first published comic book was about Evil The Cat. It was published in 1991 by Mocking Bird Press.

Princess What's Her Name is forced to marry Bob Jim escaping Psycrow A three book edition comic produced by Marvel Absurd was made in 1995. It tried to be more intone with the game as well as the TV show while adding some new ideas from the writers to fit in with the story.

They were written by Dan Slott (Ren & Stimpy comics, Batman Adventures, Avengers, She Hulk) and drawn by Barry Crain, Manny Galan and Carlos Garzon.

You can read They Called Him Evil and the Marvel Absurd Comic in the Media Gallery.

A UK comic based more so on the TV Show was also produced around the same time which was published by Arcadia. This was pencilled and inked by Tim Perkins.

Toys and Action Figures

Princess What's-Her- Name Psy-Crow Bob and #4 Henchrat
Earthworm Jim Battle Damage Jim Peter Puppy Underwater Jim

There was even an Earthworm Jim Action Figure Trailer that came with Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 The Whole Can o' Worms.

Along with the show came a toy line by Playmates. Their designs were based on the TV show character design so their success was balanced on how long the show would air.

They were good quality on the whole. The action figures included:

The box packaging was nicely designed and illustrated.
Here is the description from the back of the Deep Sea Mission Jim figure box.

Fear not, my water licking lads! I, Earthworm Jim, have come to rescue you all! I have converted my super suit to allow me to traverse the great barrier below. Notice my watertight helmet and extra oxygen tanks - very stylish.

By the Great Worm Provider! Is that Bob & #4 I see approaching with a giant mechanical bay shrimp? Why, yes, it is! Quickly, I must whip out my Stick-it-to-'em Spear Blaster and aim for the giant mechanical shrimp's eyes. Oh, Great Wiggling Worm, he has no eyes! The horror, oh the horror! In mere moments, I will be a worm-stain on his mechanically sharpened shrimp teeth. He does have teeth, I can see that!

Deep Sea Snott, my Spears please. Thanks, my snorting sleeve-wipe of a friend. Just a little to the left...there, got 'em! Now it's blind shrimp cocktail for everyone! But before I dine, I must rid this under-water world of the evil that is Bob & #4. With my Real Water Shooting Gun with Jetpack Water Storage, I shall pre-soak them until they shrink into nothingness. I love this job!

Equipped with my Special Mission Deep Sea Suit, I have once again defeated evil on its own turf - making the waterways safe for all fishes to eat, sleep and play! Oh, Amazing Annelid, who holds the sky above out heads, is that Professor Monkey-for-a-Head with a giant mechanical Sea anemone? No, it's just Deep Sea Snott with a case of the bends. See you all later, my water-wallowing weirdos!

Whoa, over yonder breaking wave, is that a surfin' cow I see? Cowwwamoooga!

All the large figures in the line were articulated or had a special action of some kind. Jim's head was made to pop out of his suit by pressing a button on his back. There were different versions of Jim made - an Underwater Jim and a battle damaged Jim which had different special attacks. The underwater version had a water gun.

There were prototypes made for Queen Slug for-a Butt, The Hamstinator, Professor Monkey for a Head, Samuri suit Jim, Copter Jim and the Worm Cycle however they were never released.