Chuck & Fifi

Game Manual Description

Fifi is no lovable poodle. Try a psychotic, four-legged chainsaw with a rusty chain and you’ll know what we mean. Fifi wants to keep strangers away from his master’s junk-yard. Chuck will throw up anything he can to keep you from surviving. You’ll need to keep your wits in order to dethrone him.

Chuck & Fifi

Unfortunately for Earthworm Jim when he stumbled into New Junk City, he wasn't going to stumble out quite so easily. As the heavily re-enforced metal gates slammed behind him all that lay below the evil screeching of carrion crows, was a huge expanse of broken glass, rubbish, old battered vehicles that had been laid to waste - and a very fishy stench of danger...for this was Chuck and Fifi's domain.

Stubborn, ill tempered and fowl mouthed Chuck is the owner of a very large old junkyard. This guy goes nowhere else but inside the walls of his scrap heap and shuns outsiders. He believes strongly in prosecuting trespassers!

Once inside, it's perfectly alright for him to carry out his own foul he will happily demonstrate. Not many who have wandered in have come out alive - or not at least with all their body parts intact. There are mechanized monsters lurking in the mountains of tyres and mangled old school buses.

Despite having no friends Chuck does have one companion; his psychotic, rabid, flea-infested poodle. Fifi is Chuck's loyal pet and guard dog. She violently believes in and upholds Chuck's No Trespassers policy by viciously mauling anyone and anything on sight.