Earthworm Jim

Earthworm Jim Game Manual Description

Just an ordinary Earthworm caught in a suit he doesn’t understand. Faced with the daunting task of keeping the super-powered suit out of the evil clutches of his vicious enemies, you’ll have to use everything you can just to keep Jim alive! Like weapons, whips, plasma blasters, hamsters (umm...) and other hi-tech stuff!

Earthworm Jim

Born and raised in Turlock on a hearty diet of soil, Earthworm Jim was your everyday common garden earthworm. Crawling around, grossing out little girls, eating dirt and avoiding crows.

His mundane life style changed forever when an ultra high tech indestructible super space cyber suit fell into Earth's orbit landing inches away from him.

Taking cover from a dive bombing crow, Jim wriggled into its neck ring which ignited a light speed metamorphosis from ultra high tech atomic space particles inside the suit. On finding an amazing portable spaceship called the Pocket Rocket (in his pocket, obviously) he was propelled into space and had many crazy adventures in search of the mysterious Princess What's Her Name.

With his new found abilities and incredible strength it didn't take long to realise that the suit brought him closer to worse trials than worrying about lawnmowers and early rising crows...

The super suit was originally made for the evil Queen Slug for-a-Butt by Professor Monkey-for-a-head. Psy-Crow the intergalactic bounty hunter was delivering the suit to the queen. In a freak encounter with a renegade above the Earth, he lost the suit.

Observing the burn mark from where it fell, he wasn't very happy once he realised it was nowhere to be seen. Jim had of course, overhead him talking to the Queen from behind a tree. A tree which he had accidentally leant on in smug victory after blasting a crow with his new found powers. He had also heard him mention a princess...

He will run brazenly into danger shouting "Groovy!" and "Eat Dirt!" and is not disheartened that almost everyone in the universe wants to see his head on a plaque for some reason or another. With a natural penchant for adventure, action and blind dumb luck he is a courageous (or dumb lucky) survivor.

The suit itself possesses bio-mechanical abilities - some still unknown to Jim and often triggered by accident. It also gives him unprecedented strength. He's not afraid to use his big red plasma blaster, heavy artillery, Manta shield or even giant hamsters in a tricky situation.