Evil The Cat

Game Manual Description

Born with no heart, the ruler of Heck lives to torture others. Filling Heck with corporate lawyers and dreaded elevator music, Evil has seen to it that Jim doesn't stand a snowball’s chance. Evil’s snowmen are a good example of how twisted this cat really is!!! If you thought Heck was bad before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Evil The cat

Said to be born with no heart, he is the eternal ruler of planet Heck, a personification of evil. Wherever there is good, it is his job to eliminate it! Because he is immortal, Evil can never be destroyed. However he can be temporarily defeated...his ways and past are shrouded by myth and darkness.

Glowing pure red, his eyes can pierce the strongest soul. He may look small and clumsy...but looks can be deceiving! He is armed with huge razor sharp fangs, retractable five inch claws and acid lined hairballs. Evil is not to be messed with, and once he's taken chase he will not easily give up. He is a master in the ways of dark magic. With this arcane knowledge he has total control over his surroundings, world and minions.

Heck is where all the forces of evil and darkness are concentrated. That means that whatever is deemed to be evil can be found on the planet.

Heck is the most formidable and dangerous planet in the EWJ universe. A visit to its surface is not advised - much of the surface consists of huge expanses of molten lava, billowing fire, and twisted rock formations. It is always in a state of constant change depending how Evil is feeling, and it is only there Evil is truly in his element. If he had his way everything and everywhere would be like it.

So Evil the Cat plots for eternity to upset the central balance of good and evil in the universe. And in his free time, tortures the souls he captures with the most dreaded devices he can think of...such as lift music!