Flamin' Yawn

Flamin Yawn

On his quest to save the beautiful princess What's Her Name from Psy-Crow, Earthworm Jim found himself in a planet made entirely from greasy comfort food. At first he believed this to be a great discovery...but no one could have been more terrified than Jim, when he found he had landed in a place where the bane of all invertebrates...the Deadly Salt Shaker of Doom existed.

Clambering Urgently over sizzling bacon drifts and giant runny egg mountains...wading through melted cheese...dodging giant toothpick-spewing straws and impaling forks...avoiding sweet death by after-dinner desert...Jim finally made his way to an enormous structure composed entirely from waffles dripping with cheesy pizza.

Leaping in the nick of time to avoid premature death by salt, the huge waffle doors slowly creaked shut - and he was face to face with the enraged giant fire breathing steak known as Flamin' Yawn. Spinning around on his favourite levitating dinner plate, Flamin' Yawn trapped Jim in his evil palace of food and was set on roasting him for lunch.

But Jim got the last bite.