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Updated the Information section

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I took a bit of time to write out useful information from the original "Earthworm Jim - The Whole Can o' Worms" manual that came with that game. I have only typed out the sections that seemed important - the old customer support stuff at the end isn't much use to anyone nearly 30 years on. (Yes, EWJ is getting to that age, next year - I hope he gets a dirt cake or something.)

I scanned the EWJ manual many years ago so you can read it in image format too.

Earthworm Jim Information and History

New sections Added: Items, Levels & Tips, Earthworm Jim Cheats, Earthworm Jim Story
Character Bios have also been updated to include manual descriptions (where applicable)

Earthworm Jim Music page also updated to include track list and link to Tommy Tallarico's spotify for "The Earthworm Jim Anthology" - that art work on it is some I sent him many, many, many...many years ago in case anyone was wondering. :disguise:
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