Major Mucus

Game Manual Description

From the distant phlegm planet, Major Mucus will stop at nothing to get Jim’s suit. Bouncing wildly from a tiny thread of goo, the Major is bound to be trouble. Watch out — if he gets a hold of Jim, the snot will really hit the fan!

Major Mucus

In the far off Phlegm Galaxy, he keeps a military run order over the inhabitants of the planet Mucus. Bossy, arrogant, power mad...and just a little bit conceited. He made up his own doctrine about how they should go about their daily lives...principally being that they should do exactly as he says.

The planet is made almost entirely out of slime and sticky green it's not particularly pleasant to say the least. One of the Major's most favourite pastimes is to capture outsiders that travel too close to the planet’s atmosphere, and dangle them precariously over huge slime pits until they fall in.
Unfortunately there is little chance of them escaping from the strange creatures that dwell in the murky depths below. The most dangerous of these is his favoured pet Mucus Phlegm Brain - an enormous monster with a mouthful of teeth and a giant red eye peeking up through the slime.

Being so power hungry, he dreams of taking over the surrounding Galaxies. However he has never been able to do this, because it so happens that the more powerful empire of Insectica led under the The Evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt, happens to be doing just that already. Furious that there should ever be anyone more powerful than himself, he doesn't get on too well with the Queen.

When he found out about a top secret piece of equipment being delivered to Buttville Palace, he decided that it must be a secret weapon they were planning to use. He became determined to have the possession of it before Queen Slug-for-a Butt.

Later the Major learned that the suit had somehow escaped from her servant's clutches...along with the loss of one of his best secret agents.

To his delight, the suit eventually came right to him. However he was not expecting such a fight from its new owner. To his horror and his not so loyal subject's laughter, he was sent falling into the very slime pits that so many antagonized prisoners had been thrown into by his regime. Furious for being disgraced before his slaves, Mucus is not only after the suit...he's after revenge.