Pedro Pupa

Pedro Pupa

Within the rich earthy soil of the planet Burbank dwells Pedro Pupa. A very tall and slimy unicycle-riding maggot and his lesser known twin brother Lorenzo larvae. He cares for his many children. In the darkness they feed on coffee and rich tea biscuits.

He and his family of larvae found and staked a claim to what they thought to be a lost and ancient temple.

One day whilst passing through an old abandoned mine as he was attempting to kidnap Princess What's Her Name from under Earthworm Jim's nose (figuratively speaking), Psy-Crow overheard the story. He thought their efforts foolish, but not wishing to become Pedro's prisoner, he fabricated a big fat lie.

Bowing to Pedro as he spoke, he told them stories of an ancient and proud race that he himself had descended from. Pedro was absurdly impressed by his tall tales, so asked Psy-Crow if there was anything he could do for him. The devious bird told them about Earthworm Jim...that he would be passing through their planet very soon in order to destroy the ruins.

Outraged by the news, Pedro thanked Psy-Crow greatly and offered him a small fortune in coffee granules and safe passage.

Soon enough after following Psy-Crow's tracks, Jim was inevitably trapped deep underground into the depths of the excavation site. Pedro's attention was diverted towards flushing his unwanted visitor out for intruding into the maggot's underworld. Jim had to battle his way back to the surface, or face eating dirt forever.